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Light Commercial Agriculture Residential Equestrian Structural Accessories



For your accessories we will build you high quality cupolas, porches and leans, doors, or louvers.

Key Benefits

  • Cupolas: These eye-catching cupolas are constructed from high quality steel.  To add that special touch, we can add an attractive weather vane.
  • Porches & Leans: Porches beautify buildings with an old-fashioned appeal, and yet offer more sheltered area for you.  Leans can be added to existing buildings or specially incorporated with a new Hahn Building.  They can provide a variety of options for agricultural or equestrian needs.
  • Doors: Many doors are available to cover all commercial, residential, agricultural, or equestrian demands.
  • Louvers: Built to withstand the elements, louvers can provide both air control and aesthetic value to your building.

Pictures of Accessories





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